Hello, World!

Hi everybody. It’s me, Arden Leigh. You know me from my dating/relationship blog A Weapon Of Mass Seduction or from my organization The Sirens Seduction¬† Forum or possibly from my Twitter. Or maybe you don’t actually know me at all. In which case, hi. I’m a seduction coach and female pick-up artist. I teach women the art of seduction in order to give them the confidence to reach romantic self-actualization and fulfill their love life goals.

I’m starting this blog because I wanted a space where I can dish about beauty, fashion, health, and lifestyle, and most of those things don’t really fit in on AWOMS or the Sirens blog. Seduction takes place on the battleground of the mind, but all of us have material objects or routines that make us feel sexier or more confident, which can make the difference in whether we choose to open an attractive new potential target we happen to spot in our travels.¬† Sometimes when you change the outside, you change the inside too.

For example, I was once headed out to meet a fellow Siren at a cocktail bar downtown when she texted me with, “Could you do me a favor and bring a red lipstick with you that I could borrow? I’m coming straight from work with no makeup on and I barely feel like myself.” I did. (It was Tarte Glamazon in Wild.)

I get asked all the time about what it was like to corset-train my waist, or how I managed to non-surgically enlarge my breasts as I briefly mentioned in my book The New Rules Of Attraction. So here’s the space where I’ll be writing about the beauty routines that make me feel more like myself, or fun products I’ve tried and tested. Want me to review a product you have in mind? Write to me at ardensirens@gmail.com.

Baudelaire wrote, “Woman is well within her rights, and indeed she is accomplishing a kind of duty in striving to appear magical and supernatural. She must astonish and bewitch; an idol, she must adorn herself with gold in order to be adored. She must borrow from all the arts in order to raise herself above nature, the better to subjugate hearts and stir souls.”

Or at the very least, we can all agree that a little red lipstick can go a long way.

What products do you consider a necessity to embodying your seductress self? What kinds of things would you like to see me write about here?